Rules for 4th Asian Open Water Championships

1. TITLE 4th Asian Open Water Swimming Championships 2. AUSPICES The Championship will be held under the auspices of the Asia Swimming Federation (AASF) 3. RULES The Championships will run under the FINA & AASF Rules and Regulations. 4. DATE and TIME 22nd April 2010(Thursday) at 10:00 hour 5. VENUE Sultanate of Oman, Bar Al-Jassah, Muscat 6. EVENTS Event in 5km will be held for both Men and Women categories. 7. ELIGIBILITY 7.1 National Team of AASF Member Federation/ Association 7.2 Only athlete with citizenship of the countries. * Changing the Nationality of Competition Should competitor represent his/her country or sport country, he/she shall be a citizen whether by birth or naturalization of the nation he/she represents provided that naturalized citizen shall have lived in that country for at least one year period. Any competitor wish to change his/her affiliation from one Federation to another Federation must have a release letter from his/her previous National Federation and acceptance letter from his/her new National Federation and also agreement between two related NOC’s. Both this letters should submit to AASF, for approval, a period of least 2 years before he/she start competing for his/her New National Federation in AASF activities. 8. ENTRIES 8.1 Each Member Federation may enter a maximum of two (2) males and two (2) females in the event. 8.2 For easy operation and identification, swimmers may be required to wear the swimming caps provided by OC 8.2 All entries must be accompanied by photocopies of International Passport. All documents must be certified by President/Secretary General of National Swimming Federation. Entries not supported by the documents will be automatically rejected. 8.3 National Federation are required to complete two entry forms to enter the 4th Asian Open Water Swimming Championships 8.4 1st Preliminary Deadline - Entry by Number Due by 1st March. 2010 8.5 Final Entries Deadline - Entry by Name Due by 3rd April 2010 9. ENTRY FEES No fee will be charged. 10. Time Limit The event will be closed after 30 minutes prior the 1st Swimmer finish the race. 11. PRIZES - Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the respective winners. - Diplomas will be presented to the first eight swimmers in individual events. - Certificate will not be awarded to swimmers who can not finish the race within time limit required above. 12. PROTESTS & APPEAL All protest and appeal will be dealt with in accordance to the FINA/AASF rules. 13. COSTING FOR ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION 13.1 All participating athletes and accompanying officials must accommodate in Hotel which had been appointed by Host Country and bear their own cost of board and lodgings and transportation (overseas). All team must pay their accommodation fees every night by regarding the fee announced by the host country and approved by AASF. 13.2 Free transportation will be provided to all participating teams from and to the airport, the training sites and competition venue from 20-23 April 2010 only. Note: The Organizing Committee will not provide local transportation from/to Airport & from/to hotel and competition venue for Teams which accommodate in the hotels that not appointed by Organizing Committee. 14. OPENING CEREMONY Official Opening Ceremony will be held on 22 April 2010 (Thursday) at 0930 hour. 15. Course Inspection & Pre-race briefing The meeting will be held on 21st April 2010 (Wednesday) at 1600 hour. The Course inspection will be held right after the conclusion of Pre-race briefing. 16. TECHNICAL OFFICIALS&MANAGERS MEETINGS The Technical meeting will be held on 21st April 2010 (Wednesday) at 1100 hour and the Managers Meeting at 1200. 17. DOPING CONTROL Doping control will be conducted according to AASF and FINA directions and will follow the procedures specified by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). 18. FAREWELL PARTY The farewell party will be held after the race at about 1930 hour. *Any Team will not accommodate in hotel which appointed by Organizing Committee can not attend Farewell party, unless it pay 30US$ per person. The following members of the team will be invited: All officials appointed by AASF Team Officials Team Athletes Local Officials and Organizing Committee Members. A token charge will be levied on other bona-fide members of the Team (if venue/space is available) 19. National Flags All countries shall bring two International Standard Flags and National Anthem (in CD format): - No. 1 flag (Measurements: 280cm x 192cm) X 1 - No. 4 flag (Measurements: 144cm x 96cm) X 1
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