Taghi Asgari, Diving legend

He was born in 1924 in Tehran. In his
first attendance in National Competition in 1941 he won silver Medal and in his
last participation in Iranian National Competitions he achieved Gold Medals (He was 41 years old).

He attended in the 1st
Asian Games (Delhi-India) and achieved one Silver and one Bronze Medal.

After 14 years he attended in 4th
Asian Games in Bangkok and achieved 7th place in 10m.

In Asian Games (Iran, 1974) he was
Competition Manager and after The Competition he was nominated as FINA
Referee by Dr. Hening, FINA President, who attended the Games.

He was invited as a Judge for Two
World Championships (Berlin & Colombia) and also in Olympic Games
(Montreal) Asgari was officiated as Assistant Referee.

Now he is cooperating with Iran
Swimming Federation as the advisor and responsible person for plans of Diving
Pools which have been constructed in Iran.