About Fluidra

Fluidra is a Spanish multinational group based in Sabadell (Barcelona) that specialises in the development of applications for the sustainable use of water. The company provides solutions for the preservation, handling, treatment and use of water.

Fluidra operates in 32 countries with 150 regional offices and has production facilities in all major markets. Fluidra's products are distributed to more than 170 countries via an extensive commercial network. The group employs some 3,500 people.

Respect for water and its rational use form the basis of the group’s philosophy. The companies within the Fluidra group, some of which have existed for over 40 years, have grown with this vision, specialising in four business units; water treatment, fluid handling, irrigation and swimming pool/wellness.

Source: https://www.astralpool.com.au/astralpoolworldwide/fluidra